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How much a simple e-commerce websites cost?

by | Jan 24, 2021 | e-commerce

The Purpose of this post is to answer once and for all how much a simple e-commerce website cost. A lot of people specially online sellers are asking how much a simple e-commerce websites cost?

As a web designer and developer sometimes its hard to answer this questions and for online sellers its also confusing for them why they receive varying price degree. So first we have to analyze what type of e-commerce website you want and how simple it is.

Maybe you think its simple because you only sell few products but the question is what type of product you’re selling, and what are your mode of payment, and what platform you are using. Are you using Off the shelf platform or are you building from the scratch.

To answer all these question here are my questionnaire for online sellers so they know how much it will cost to them and for the developer how much time they will spend on particular projects.

How simple is your simple e-commerce website.

How simple is your simple e-commerce website.

Q1. What type of products you’re selling for your simple e-commerce website?

There are different types of product in e-commerce the most common are these two Digital Products and Physical Products. Sample of digital products are game loads, eBooks, Videos and Photography or anything that are not physical. And for physical products are anything that can be touch or delivered your home. You see? simple e-commerce is not really simple.

Q2. What platform you’re planning to use?

To build a simple e-commerce websites you need a platform to use for your simple e-commerce websites. If you’re an online sellers you have to know these things as this mostly set the price range of your simple e-commerce websites. If your’e a developer you need to ask these questions so you know how easy of difficult the job is and also set your pricing. You need to know if they want to is Shopify, WordPress, or Wix or they want to create a from scratch. Base on the answer above you can set tge price.

Q3. What type of payment gateway you want to use?

Why this are important? Because most of payment gateway is a third party applications meaning this is an integrations to your simple e-commerce websites. So if you are using built in e-commerce platform such as Shopify and Wix some of this payment gateway are already integrated and built in like Paypal and Stripe. But if you use some local payment gateway you need to integrate this programmatically which affect the cost of building your own simple e-commerce websites.

Q4. Where do you plan to host it?

If you are using e-commerce platform then its just an additional cost to your monthly subscriptions, But if you are building the platform from the scratch you need to consider the server cost and scaling cost even if its just a small size for now. You have to take the account shared hosting vs dedicated or serverless. Why? Because not only it will cost you money, It will render your e-commerce inaccessible from few hours to few day specially if it breaks during the migrations. And then theres also SEO. Building SEO is tough, breaking it is hard to repair and takes time. so theres that.

Q5. What are the additional functions?

As online seller its not uncommon to have the additional functions one of the common functions is chatbot as you want your customer to stay in contact with you as sellers. Another additional functions is social media integration automations and email pop in so so you can collect email from your non-customers. All of this additionals will add up to your cost of building your simple e-commerce websites.

You see pricing simple e-commerce website is not so simple after all. If you want a quotation visit my other personal sites and let us talk there.

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