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Google my Business: Build your website for FREE

by | Feb 8, 2021 | seo

Question: have you heard of Google my Business? If not this article is for you. Google my business is a product of Google itself to help the local business owner to list their business on google for free. That’s right it’s free and they even give you a free website too.

It’s a dream of every store or business owner to be on google search, the biggest search engine on earth. Being in the top one of the google search means your one step closer to a sales purchase for your product or services. That is why a lot of businesses invest in SEO or search engine optimization.

The only problem SEO is difficult to execute and only a few people know about how to increase your SERP. Another problem Google keeps changing its algorithm. In 2020 alone there are 3k changes to their algorithm, So every day it keeps harder and harder to make it to the top without knowledge of SEO.

While SEO becoming harder every day, there is a way on how to make your local business show at the top of google search without the need for a custom website. The good thing is Google will help you achieve it.
In this article, I will give you a step-by-step process on how to list your local business on google and at the same time get a website for free.

Steps on how to use Google my business

Though the process is very simple, I’m still guiding you with the step by step process. and if you like my post please don’t forget to share this page so others will know too. And if it’s too difficult for you or if you don’t have time please contact me here for a small fee enough for me to get a coffee as I love coffee.

Step 1

To start listing your local business or store in google you need a Gmail account to be used for signup. Once you have a google account you’re ready.
Google Gmail - ITPH

Step 2

In your browser type google my business in the search bar it will be on the first results. or visit the site with this URL:

Google My Business - ITPH

Step 3

If you already sign-in with google, your next step is to click the big blue button that says Manage now. It will redirect you to the search form where you will enter your Business at the same time locate the same business name.
google my business blue button - itph

Step 4

This is where you type your business name or store. It also serves as  business checker for duplicate business name. 


Step 5

After Typing your business you can click to own that business. Remember SEO is about keywords so after adding your business name make sure you add your business tagline. Your tagline is the keywords for your business

Name your business short but descriptive ex: Mang Ambo: Best Otap in CDO. Best Otap is the keywords for people looking for Otap in CDO.


Step 6

After choosing the name you have to create a category for your business. A Category is a class for your business. In GMB you can select up to 3 categories.


Step 7

Add your location this way visitors will find your business in google maps when they are searching for particular keywords.

Step 8

Add your location this way visitors will find your business in google maps when they are searching for particular keywords.

Step 9

It is important to add your serviceable area. This way your customers know if you can do delivery or if you do home service in the area where your customer is located.


Step 10

If you have a location, It is also recommended that you have a phone number. Customers can contact you directly from your GMB page.


Step 11

As mention above you don’t need a website to get listed in GMB. It is important to note that GMB provides a free website for your business.

All you have to do is select “Get a free website on your info”.


Step 12

After Everything is filled in. All you need Is to verify your location via phone or postal mail.

Step 13

And that’s all you need in order to get listed in google my business.


After the verification of your google my business account, you can now start building your business website inside google. You can add products, Post Content, and many more.
You can add appointments and scheduling or connect to your other social media channel. Like Facebook and Instagram or Twitter.

Below is a real cleaning service business that got almost 2k views with 21 calls initiated directly from google.

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