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growth hacking: 19 ways to Acquire Customers

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Marketing

Growth hacking uses digital marketing strategies, specifically designed to build or expand customer base quickly. How many of you buy a products from a woman wearing only sleeveless shirts doing facebook live?

Those are just few of the growth hacking strategy and of that seem work with them. But don’t worry there are 19 ways to do a growth hacking strategy. And we are talking that all here.


Have you seen a video or a post and you cant help it but to share wether it is funny or sad or just plain stupid just like the video from RC cola. These are example of growth hacking designed to catch customers attentions.

Running or planning a viral marketing campaign sometime require a lots of capitals. Small business and startup sometime cant afford this type of campaign. But if your creative enough and observant of whats happening you can run a viral campaign with very little budget.


Public relations are another way of doing growth hacking. Basically public relations is the art of getting your business in front of big media such as TV and newspaper. PR marketer helps customers adapt or use the products.

Being a businessman with very little capital this types of marketing techniques is sometimes expensive unless you have a lot of friends who are in the media industry and you can get discounts.


Unconventional Public Relations are sometimes called Publicity stunts. Publicity stunts are planned events designed to attract the public’s attention to the event’s organizers for their cause. Publicity stunts can be professionally organized, or set up by amateurs.

This type of marketing are more common in social media and done by online sellers or youtube influencers. To start this type marketing techniques, you only need cameras, guts and a crazy ideas


One of the easiest growth hacking technique to launch In my opinion is search engine marketing. But sometimes this can be expensive too, specially if your products and keywords are highly competitive you cant just throw random keywords and expect results. You have to analyze each keywords and check who are your competitor.

One way of checking it, is going to ubersuggest and check your keywords. see who are your competitor and whats their ranking and how difficult it is. also check how much is the price to bid on that particular keywords.


More common name is Social Media Marketing is the type of marketing that use social media as medium and display ads inside social media platforms. Social media Marketing is similar to Search Engine Marketing.

While SEM are focus in keywords, SMM focus on behavior and demographics. One of the great things in social media marketing is its easy to set up. than SEM and you can get results almost immediately.


Long time ago where internet still not exist offline ads is the only way to promote your products or business. Today! offline advertising are slowly dying as most of the advertising move to the internet.

As of now only big brand or company advertise on tv, radio, billboard and broadsheet as this type of ads are expensive and hard to track on ROI unless your goal is brand awareness.


Search Engine Optimizations SEO is a technique to make your content or data appear in the first page when someone try to search certain keywords. This type of growth hacking techniques are one of the most difficult and also very slow as it takes 3 to 6 months to get results. But if you do it right the results are very rewarding.


Content marketing is a type of growth hacking which focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract customers. Digital products such as cloud services utilize content marketing as one of their growth hacking strategies.  Online and video tutorials are one example of content marketing.

Many company use this type of marketing in combinations with SEO Search Engine Optimisation.

9. Email Marketing Growth Hacking

Email marketing is another type of digital marketing strategy base on sendings emails.

The great things about email marketing is you can directly put your products in front of your customers inbox. The only downside is you need to collect a lot of emails and some servers penalize domain that send a thousands of emails.

10. Engineering Growth Hacking

Engineering marketing is a marketing that usually use codes and algorithm to get customers to signups. This works usually in combinations with email marketing. Customer give their phone number or email in exchange some informations.

11. Influencer marketing

Is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers-individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche.


Business development can be summarized as the ideas, initiatives, and activities that help make a business better. This includes increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships and making strategic business decisions.

13. Sales Marketing

Sales is the most common form of marketing where a person actually selling a products. It vary in many ways but the end result is the-same to get sales.

14. Affiliate Programs Growth Hacking

Affiliate marketing sometimes its called commission marketing or referral program is another type of growth hacking that gives incentives to persons or individuals who can bring customers or buy products from them. 

A lot of company doing this type of marketing specially digital products such as softwares and web hosting.


A type of marketing the uses social media to promote products or brand.

The difference with Social & Display Ads with SMM, SMM is not paid advertising. All you have to do is utilize social media in anyway you want. 


An Offline marketing strategy where you showcase or present your products to a select groups of people or attendees.

Best example for this is car shows and trade fairs.


A type of marketing targeting mostly individual with certain interest and goals. This usually works if your products or brand has a lot of following.


Speaking engagements provide an opportunity to get in front of your target customers to build trust and rapport. This goal of this marketing is to establish credibility and following it works best with public relation marketing.

19. Community Building

Its a growth hacking strategy to bring customers together over certain topics or advocacies which aligned with your their brand. TL;DR it’s about them, not you.
I know bringing customers to buy your products is not easy and hopefully this 19 ways of growth hacking give you idea on how increase your sales or position your products in the market.
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