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Resume: 26 definite guides on how to write a killer CV

by | Jan 29, 2021 | resume

Your resume is your ticket to get to your dream job, So when you write one make sure you write it perfectly. The resume has three different formats: chronological, functional, and hybrid. A chronological resume is the most common as its highlights career advancement and emphasis on the relevant job experience. A functional resume focuses on skills and abilities. most common for applicants with no relevant experience such as fresh graduates. The perfect resume is the combination of the two a hybrid and mostly preferred by employers.

In this article, I’m focusing on how to make your resume perfect and get the first initial interview.

1. Resume name.

Your Resume is not your birth certificate make sure your name can be easily remembered. If you have 2 or 3 names remove your other name and use the name that your friends and colleague call you.

2. Resume Email.

Make sure you have email in your resume, One email is enough having 2 or more emails can be confusing to the employer which one to chose.

3. Resume Phone.

Just like emails your phone or mobile phone is very important specially phone as some employer contact you directly so make sure you include this in your resume. But unlike emails you can add 2 or more phone numbers and it is best if its in different network on each of them as some company has a preferred network they want to use.

4. Chat Application Handle.

Chat app like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and even Messenger is a great help to contact too. I myself sometime reach potential candidate in WhatsApp and Messenger. Most recruiter preferred this way as it is cheaper than a phone call.

5. Linkedin Profile

You’re linkedin profile is also important ad most employer look candidate in those platform. Not only that you are searchable, it also increase your chance of being hired. So if you dont have one, Now is the time to signup to linkedin.

6. Online Site or Portfolio

It is best if you also have a websites or online portfolio specially if you are applying for a job that requires one. Specially if you dont have relevant experience in your resume to show, online portfolio is a big help.

7. Resume Address.

Having your address helps but not necessary. Only add your address if necessary. As I said your resume is not your birth certificate you can opt it out as you already add to many info that if your resume end up in the wrong hand, it might be a risk for you.

8. The Position you’re applying for.

It is important that you emphasis in the resume on the position you’re applying for and don’t let your potential employer guess what kind of position you’re applying for.

9. Resume Summary or objective

Your summary is the highlight or a brief descriptions of what you can do if you get hired. It is also your statement for your goal of what you want in the future.

So make sure you have great and compelling statements in your resume summary.

10. Top Skills

Add your top skills, minimum of 3 max of 9. Why? You only put top skills in your cv. Having too many skills sometimes do more harm than good to your applications.

11. Language

Being a polyglot ( knows multiple language) specially if you are applying for an international company.

12. Certifications

Having certification is a big plus, but not necessary unless the company you are applying for requires one. If you have certifications for a specific skill that is great add it to your resume.

13. Honors and Awards

Only add honors and awards if its relevant to the position you are applying in the company. Do not put high school or college awards. Most company don’t care if you’re cum laude or get the highest score on SAT.

14. Publications

Blog are not publication. You only put publications if you publish something relevant. Maybe a paper on some best practices for engineers or peer review proving or disproving some theories.

15. Educations

Even if you are fresh out of college dont put highlights your education. and don’t put your education from primary to college. Just put your course, school you graduated and years. If you are applying in the field of engineering and mathematics having a masters and PHD is a big plus.

16. Work Experience

Most employer look at the work experience before they decide if the will interview the applicant. Highlighting your work experience is a must. Make your potential employer need you. Each work experience you put add a bullet points on what you do in that company.

Your bullet points emphasis on results and how the company you work for benefits your contributions.

17. Extra Curricular

What is extra curricular? Extra curricular is what you do after office hours what type of hobby you have. This will give your potential employer a glimpse of what is your life outside of work, and how you will fit in their company culture.

18. QR code

Most applicant dont know about QR codes, but big companies use this to track offline ads. Having your own QR code that directly link to your online resume not only save environment. You can edit your resume easily. Unlike hard copy you have to reprint over and over again.

19. Resume Format

Format your resume where you highlights the most important part of your cv name, position, contact number, and work experience.

20. Keywords

Keywords your resume specially if you have lot of experience. Example: If your applying as cloud architech keywords that across your CV.

21. Action Words

Not only used keyword in your resume you also use action words like developed, created, saved, helped.

22. Resume Fonts

Use fonts that are most appropriate for professional writing. Font like open sans and helvetica are more professional looking font.

23. Review your resume

Review your resume over and over again check for spelling errors and grammars. Use grammarly to speed up the process. Send to your friends as sometimes they’re the one who can spot errors.

24. Create Multiple Resumes

Create multiple resume that tailor the position you are applying for. Adjust your skills and keywords depending on the type of job youre applying for.

25. Linkedin Open to works hashtag

This only apply to linkedin account. In Linkedin theres a functionality that alert your friends and company using hashtag #opentowork. I do this multiple times and it really works i get multiple invitations for interview local and international company.

26. Cover letter

Not part of resume create but cover letter is equally important. Write a compelling cover letter and your intentions why you want to apply for a particular position. Highlight your skills and abilities why you are qualified for a position you are applying for.


Having a killer resume does not guarantee, that you will get hired but it surely is to get you the first steps towards your dream job.

As a developer and IT consultant, I help companies hire the best talent to join the company and I’m doing this since 2013.

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