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Date a Programmer: Here the 13 reasons why

by | Feb 12, 2021 | programmer

Programmers are one of the loneliest jobs, they stay long hours coding, debugging, deploying, and maintaining legacy codes. Some IT people even spent months or years working on a project alone with only a screen monitor and keyboard in front of them.

Finding a date is hard for them let alone talk to the potential date. If you know someone who is in the IT industry and work as a programmer ask them out once in a while, especially this valentines day. Invite them to one of your virtual hangouts. You will know how great they are as a person.

1. Programmers are one of the most patient individual.

1. Software engineers are one of the most patient individuals.

Software Engineers mastered the art of patience. From spending countless hours on fixing bugs to debugging old codes.
2. Programmers are crazy smart with great sense of humor.

2. Developers are crazy smart with a great sense of humor.

Behind those nerdy looks they crazy smart and have a great sense of humor. Dating a programmer will surely make your head over heal in love with them.
3. Programmers are good at keeping treasures

3. Coders are good at keeping treasures.

Developers are great at saving petabytes of data may it be in the local hard drive or in the cloud. You can make sure that your happy moments together are kept and secured.

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4. Programmers are optimistic and goal oriented

4. Goal oriented and optimistic.

IT people love talking about their goals and their future plans…with you.

5. Programmers love automation CI/CD style

5. IT love automation CI/CD style

Imagine in the morning before you wake up the water is already heated, and before you finish showering, coffee already been brewing, and the sandwich is ready. Everything is already in the pipeline
6. Programmers are truly romantic individuals.

6. Computer programmer are truly romantic individuals.

One bug can make them crazy, how much more when they are in love.
7. Programmers love music.

7. A Music Lover.

Music is their source of energy and imagination. You might see them coding with the beat.
8. Programmers are easily pleased.

8. Easily pleased even with small things.

Giving them software brand shirts and other thumb drives are enough to put a smile on their face. Also, they love Playstation 5.
9 programmers are expert at paying attention to details.

9 Great at paying atention to details

Coders stay long hours just to review codes and refactor when needed. They even invented version control so they can easily backtrack when there’s an error.
10. No NULL moments for programmer

10. No NULL moments for programmer

Enjoy heartfelt conversations, they are jolly, they are good listeners, they are appreciative. But be careful and check their phone often makes sure you are not talking to a bot.
11. Programmers are good problem solver.

11. Programmers are good problem solver

Software Engineer is a good problem solver. You will rarely see a programmer cant solve a complex problem.
12. Programmers are Good KISSers and givers!

12. Are Good KISSers and givers!

Software architechs love giving gems, Perl and Rubies and they really love to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and sometimes a python.

13. Programmers wont cheat you. Ever!

13. SoftWare Coders wont cheat you. Ever!

System Programmers are not cheaters, except when they are playing video games.