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Linkedin Profile: 9 ways to optimize your profile

by | Mar 5, 2021 | seo

Optimize your LinkedIn profile if you want your potential employers to find you.

Recruiters and hiring managers are constantly looking for candidates every day. The questions are you visible enough to them. In this article, I will add some techniques on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

What is Linkedin?
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking website. Many Employers look for potential candidates on Linkedin. In fact, 70% of employers find their candidate on Linkedin.

Though Linkedin is free to signup, but if you want to access to some of the functions you can pay recurring monthly payments.

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So let’s start on how to make your Linkedin profile visible to the hiring managers and recruiters.

1. Linkedin Profile Picture

Your Linkedin profile picture is the first thing recruiters will see besides your name. So having a professional picture is a great start.

2. Linkedin Profile Name

Some of us have multiple names or very difficult to pronounce names. My advice uses names that are easy to read and remember. Maybe use your alias instead. So recruiters won’t have a hard time reading your names .

3. Linkedin Profile Headline

Usually your headline is your current company positions. Here’s the thing about headlines. This is where Linkedin index your profiles so if you have a very difficult job title make it simple. The keywords most recruiters will be typing in the search box.

4. Linkedin Experience

Under experience add all your working experience as details as possible and don’t forget the keywords that you want your future employer to find you.

5. Licenses & certifications

Some people call this resume padding, but it is a great way to showcase your skills at first glance. So the recruiter will see what are your skills.

6. Skill Quiz

Linkedin has these alert notifications of jobs that you might like base on your quiz you pass. You will receive a notification to apply for a job if you have passed the skill quiz.

7. Enable Open To Work

If you enable open to work. Everyone within your network will see that you are open to work. Aside from that, a little green badge will appear in your profile picture with the hashtag #OpenToWork. Which notify everyone.


Just like Facebook there’s a comment section in every post. Add a comment to the post you think relevant to yours. The more visible you are the easier for the hiring managers to find you.

9. Article

On Linkedin you can actually create a long post by creating articles. Anything you want to write. So if you’re an Engineer write about engineering-related articles.


As an IT consultant and SEO strategist. I actually run an experiment on how to optimize Linkedin and true enough right now I keep receiving invites for interviews every other day And I keep receiving notifications base on the skill quiz I take. My Linkedin profile has viewed an average of 100 times a week. And my article is viewed average of 50 views. I know that is not much but that’s a start. In almost all the posts that I commented the person or someone in the comment section views my profile.